Welcome to Sámur Bóndi Guesthouse at Ađalból farm in Hrafnkelsdalur valley, Iceland.

Hrafnkelsdalur valley, home of the farm Ađalból, is in the eastern part of Iceland. Lying 400 metres above sea level, Ađalból is one of the most inland farms in the entire country. It is also well known through the Saga of Hrafnkell. The lay of the land and many other features still appear as they did in the saga, which occurred over a thousand years ago. No other farm is in sight, and many guests have told us that they have never experienced as much tranquillity as they felt here.

The following are some of your options at or near Sámur Bóndi Guesthouse. You can:

  • stay at the campsite
  • get accommodation in a made-up bed with breakfast
  • buy essential travel supplies in our shop
  • walk along the marked trail which Hrafnkell's enemies followed to make their attack
  • visit Sćnautasel, a living turf museum showing the conditions of most Icelandic homes until the early twentieth century

Travelling to Ađalból
There are year-round, daily flights from Reykjavík to the local airport at Egilsstađir. Cars can be rented at the airport.

Open between 1.july and 31.august. Outside that period by an agreement.

For further information:
Sámur Bóndi ehf.
Ađalból 2
701 Egilsstađir
Telephone: +354-471-2788



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