A beautiful hike through the lower parts of Hafrahvammarglj˙fur. The hike starts at a car park few kilometers from the Kßrahnj˙kastÝfla. At first you have to stay up on the banks of the canyon before the riverbed is accessible. Then the riverbed is followed around Hnitaspor­ur and up Desjarßrgil. When the first impassable falls are reached you walk up and out of Desjarßrdalur towards Hrafnkelsdalur. For a shorter version of the walk you can be picked up on that ridge at B˙rfell. Otherwise the hike is continued down to Hrafnkelsdalur and ends at A­albˇl farm. The riverbed in Hafrahvammaglj˙fur is covered with large rocks that are slippery where the river has to be crossed and it is there for recommended that you use trekking poles.

  • Only accessible from 25.june to 30.july.
  • Distance = 17,2km
  • Highest point = 690m.a.s.l
  • Climb = 300m
  • Duration = 9,5klst




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